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Viadukt Screen Prints invites artists to our studio in Vienna where they work with master printers to create an original screen-printed edition. Viadukt Editions are made in a limited print run, one color at a time, and are hand-signed and numbered. The artists we publish range from established to emerging; the prints however are of an affordable price and format. This is your invitation to discover the artists we have curated for you.

Jasmin Schaschl

Jasmin Schaschl is a visual artist based in Vienna.
Her artistic practice is based on screen printing in combination with a variety of other techniques and media. A constant interplay between the intentional and the accidental is characteristic for the artist's process.
More recently, she has explored the juxtaposition of different surfaces and textures, moving between harmony and friction.
Jasmin Schaschl studied art history and knitwear design in Vienna.

In this ongoing series each artwork is composed of two separately printed screenprints, either in black and white or built up of layers of patterns - initially paintings and drawings with ink – in different colours.
By mounting two prints under a hand cut mat the prints enhance each other and form a harmonious unity at the same time.
The shape of the mats give the pieces a monolithic character, whereas the surface itself invites the viewer to have a closer look at underlying layers of colours, patterns and marks.
Each artwork is unique.
Jasmin Schaschl is currently featured on 'At The Printing Table'


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