Strictly limited artworks of national and international artists are presented annually within the course of Viadukt Editions. Participant artists are nominated by an expert jury and invited to a minimum four, maximum twelf weeks residency at Viadukt studios.

Creative talents from all over the world are given an in-depth experience of the manual printing technique silkscreen. Our experienced masterprinters introduce the artists to screen printing and supervise them during their whole working process. Artworks created in the inspiring atmosphere are presented, exhibited and sold in strictly limited edition as Viadukt Edition at the end of each residency. All works are sold unframed.

Jasmin Schaschl

Jasmin Schaschl is an artist living and working in Vienna.

In this ongoing series each artwork is composed of two separately printed screenprints, either in black and white or built up of layers of patterns - initially paintings and drawings with ink – in different colours.

By mounting two prints under a hand cut mat the prints enhance each other and form a harmonious unity at the same time.

The shape of the mats give the pieces a monolithic character, whereas the surface itself invites the viewer to have a closer look at underlying layers of colours, patterns and marks.

Each artwork is one of a kind.

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