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Viadukt Screen Prints invites artists to our studio in Vienna where they work with master printers to create an original screen-printed edition. Viadukt Editions are made in a limited print run, one color at a time, and are hand-signed and numbered. The artists we publish range from established to emerging; the prints however are of an affordable price and format. This is your invitation to discover the artists we have curated for you.

Madita Kloss

Read it like Kanye would...

Madita Kloss in 100 words (no particular order)

Yes. She. Good. Colour. Fast. Patience. Rainbow. Stations. Big. Mountain. Fountain. Smile. Red. Cheek. Apple. Tree. Eyes. Three. Night. Sea. Soul. Baby. Ghost. Lady. Give. Birth. Hi. Life. Burst. Boom. Bloom. Like. Love. Jungle. Monkey. Fever. One. Moment. This. Makes. No. Sense. Plants. Grow. Feeling. On. Spaghetti. Dreams. Dance. Wild. Dolphin. Sounds. Like. Coffee. Sunshine. Taste. Lemon. Age. Lemonade. Orange. Juice. Heels. High. Get. Low. Like. Booty. Queen. Listen. Up. Good. Luck. Donald. Mother. Mary. What. The. Duck. Holy. Shit. Pattern. Moon. Sun. Venus. Pluto. Saturn. See. You. Soon. Shooting. Star. Beef. Tartare. Ciao. Bella. Cinderella. Pasta. Basta. Shangri. La

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Madita Kloss
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